A little more about me

I know I have a ‘Who we are’ section on this website but that just skims over who I really am. Ok I am a Cardiff wedding photographer but you may want to hear some more about me! You know I have 2 beautiful little girls and 1 beautiful grown up girl in the house. I also share the house with 2 cats, nuzzle and scratch, who were named after two alpaccas on a cebeebies television programme that I loved and always laughed at when I watched it with my girls. They laughed less than me but then they were probably less fatigued at that point and also they had never seen basil brush.

At the moment I am a really proud Dad as I am watching my eldest daughter start to read proper books and see the joy that she gets from reading. I have always read to them both and still read before bed. It is sometimes The Famous Five and sometimes Malory Towers and it has been The Faraway tree. You will see a very definite Enid Blyton bias in these books and once I get past some of the old fashioned language/ words they really are a jolly super wizard read! Yes! that’s how much I get into them too. My youngest daughter, Mallory, unsurprisingly loves the idea of listening to a school pretty much named after her although Malory (one ‘l’) towers is certainly not as funny as she is. Mallory is definitely the crazy one of the two of them and can have us all in stitches without her sometimes knowing why. I am told that she gets it from me and I certainly hope that is the case.

This is just a small taster to add to the main section on the website and I will add more mini blogs to this section of the site to give you a better idea of who I am. Why not read them all and know so much about me that you could go on Mastermind … or perhaps not!

I hope you enjoy the photos of us as a family anyway – even if you did not read what I wrote above.


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