square linen

Our linen covered coffee table album is actually our favourite; It's simple, classy and it's the sort of album that you will take to work to show your friends. You might even show someone in the street who you've never met before, we are that confident that you will love it!

There is an option of thin or thick pages with this album and it's a great way to show off your wedding photographs if you're looking for something that still feels like a professional album but isn't too heavy weight.

The pages are edge to edge printed and each album layout is a bespoke design prepared in our office. You will be sent PDF proofs off the layout before it is finalised giving you final say on how your 90-100 chosen images will look.

The linen cover comes in a number of colour options. Why not match it to the colour of your bridesmaid dresses, the grooms tie or your mums hat - whatever works for you!


image art book

There is a myriad of choice with these art books, so we try and keep it simple. We offer 3 options. We have to keep it simple as Simon is easily confused!

This is the smallest and is 20 x 30 (about A4 size) which is a great size if you want to keep your album out on a coffee table. This size comes with a image printed directly on the cover. It has thick pages and even the most ham handed will not cause damage to this gorgeous album.

Your families and friends will love it as much as you.


digital art book

This album is the same as the square linen above but this is the big brother of it ... you know the one thats been to the gym most days, beefed up and looks stunning for it. It also have 40 pages but it is printed on thicker pages and it feels like a really substantial album that you will love just as much as your big brother (or even more!)


nappa art book

This is our mid sized Art album and at 25 x 35 it can easily fit in the boot of a Fiat Uno as well as a large handbag. Its striking, strong and an album that turns heads when it goes down the street. It has thick pages and a nappa leather cover with your name and wedding date embossed onto the front. If you think the Image Art book is too small and the Maple Art book too big then this is the one for you. You can also mix and match covers and album sizes to create the perfect album for you.


maple art book

This large album is 30 x 40 (about A3 ) and is the ultimate in modern wedding albums. This comes with a gorgeous maple cover with many colour options. It will really impress your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, postman, door to door duster seller and most of all - you!

This books are multicultural. They are photographed in Wales (usually, although other locations are available!) designed in our office in Cardiff and then printed and assembled in sunny Italy. The Italians certainly know how to make quality products, you just have to look at their clothes, coffee and wine although their footballers are going downhill a bit recently!

You get to chose 90-100 of your favourite images and then get sent PFD proofs of our bespoke design before it gets sent on its way to Italy.



We offer some great albums made in London and Italy and these are meant to be seen and not kept in a box and never looked at. Keep them on your coffee table or on your shelves and LOOK at and enjoy them.

We have undertaken loads of wedding photography in Cardiff and South Wales and some is on display in the albums that we show on the page as well as show at our meetings with clients. If you are looking for an album to accompany your digital images then have a look or get in touch and arrange a meeting. It’s always informal with no pressure to buy on the night but you do get to chat with me, hopefully, have an interesting chat as well as a bit of a laugh.

Our albums are made by Sim Imaging in London and Graphistudio who are based in Italy. They are beautiful well-built albums that will last the test of time in terms of style and build quality. The albums range from £340 to £695 as well as offering cheaper parent albums that accompany the main wedding album.