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I have a couple of twitter accounts and have obviously spent more time recently on my private one than I have on my one for the business. So when I went back to it and scrolled down the 25 notifications and found a review of my wedding photography at Pencoed House I was intrigued. So I read it and it was such a lush review … cannot believe I missed it. The couple were Carri and Matt and they were married last July on a Tuesday at Pencoed House. It was a lovely day and I just captured the day, edited it, delivered the images and then got on with the other weddings that came thick and fast. Then this popped up and I am delighted that they took the time to talk about their day. They also talk in depth about Cresta Caterers and Hilarys floral design. Thanks guys.

Our photographer – Simon Gough

We saw a variety of albums from a few photographers but Simon’s work jumped out at us, neither of us are happy in front of the camera (although my wife always looks good in a photograph!) and prefer to spend our time behind a camera.  There was one photograph that showed the type of photographer Simon is, there was a shot of a newly married couple and for Simon to get the perfect angle, he rolled his trousers up and stood in a stream!  We invited him round to discuss our wedding and saw more of his work, now I know he has posed photographs but some of the posed photographs don’t look posed, they look natural, which for someone like me who dislikes being in a photo was reassuring.  After about 30 minutes of browsing and chatting we had a very good feeling for the person behind the name and booked him for our wedding day.

Throughout the entire day he made everyone (including me) relaxed and took hundreds of photos!  We couldn’t have asked for a better person and we can’t wait to see the photographs from our day.

Update – 20/08/2016

Today Mr Postman knocked on the door with a small parcel, at first we wondered what it was until we saw Simon’s logo and knew straight away what it was.  We opened said parcel to find a wooden box again with Simon’s logo on the front, we slid off the cover and found a the following inside, a selection of photos from the day, some twine and tiny wooden pegs to enable us to make a small display and a glass jar…..the glass jar contained the USB key with our 680 images (high res and internet ready versions) and 2 preview vidoes (720p and 1080p) which were a slide show (with really nice background music) containing a selection of images from the day.  The USB key was cleverly built into the cork top of the jar and looked really effective.

The quality of the photos is amazing, so many natural looking shots showing many happy people, and even many of the formal posed photos look like they we caught without us knowing.  I don’t consider myself a photogenic person, but even I look good in some of them!  We made the right choice with Simon and that gut feeling from seeing the album at Pencoed House to meeting him and to the day itself was spot on.  We couldn’t have picked a better photographer.

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