Old Wedding with a New Edit # 10

I really liked the edit in the previous blog (Old Wedding with a new edit # 9) I thought that I needed to check it out on a Pencoed House wedding. I shoot at Pencoed quite often so thought it was a good test to see how it works at a venue that I know really well. This wedding was also from back in 2015 and its great to see these images again as it was a cracking day with Kelly and Andrew in a rather sunny April. The day featured lots of laughter, magic with Bryan Gunton, the groom singing to his bride and I got to work with Rob from Taylors Videography. I have worked with Rob loads and he was my assistant for a couple of years until he went his own way and started doing video. He does it rather well too!

Looking at this wedding and editing these 70 odd images from it I have seen that it can be a viable option for using in 2019. These photos in this recent blog have all be taken on a canon 5D2 – where as now I use a Sony A7III as well as a Canon 5D3 they work really well together with sigma lenses (24, 35 and 85) and a canon 70-200. This seems to give me everything i need to cpature the wedding day. It helps to have Adobe Lightroom to edit them on too! So i need to edit a few more old weddings before the season hits but iyts looking good so far and perhaps in the next blog you will see me tackle a 2018 wedding. You can see recent weddings here and if you would like to get in touch then please click here and fill in the form.

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