Old Wedding with a New Edit # 3

This wedding was one of my favourites from 2015 as I knew kirsty and Ali and many of their guests. It took place in and around Slough so sadly I will probably never go back to their fantastic venue – Park View farm. It was an absolutely perfect wedding venue for any wedding photographer. It had a lake, cornfield, marquee and loads of space to create gorgeous photos.

This edit is a version of a colour look that I have used many times before but not on this wedding and it is a lighter look that previously used. It is not my favourite Lightroom ‘preset’ in this series of new editing on this blog but I think it works well on a number of the photographs. The trick with using a ‘preset’ is to use something that can be used inside and out and under varying light conditions. This seems to work although I am not sure it is the finished article ready to use yet. To use it I would need to try it on various elements of the wedding day and see if fits and is not an obtrusive look or that it does not make the dresses change colour etc.

The blog of this wedding and its original edit can be found here. You can decide whether you like this preset or the previous Kirsty Me? I am undecided about the new preset but prefer it to the original.

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