I am Simon. Although a dull seventies name it is only part of who I am. I live with 3 gorgeous girls. 2 who have no option and 1 who was crazy enough to do it out of choice. I love messing around with them and doing all I can to make them laugh - which mainly involves putting pants on my head.

Some of my kinder friends call me a Silver Fox. This works for me now but not so much when they started shining through when I was 16.

I like to hide behind the camera, whilst my wife Emma keeps order in the office and monitors the time I spend on Facebook and YouTube. Its all for research but she doesn't believe me.

I would like to say that my hobbies include base jumping, surfing and looking after sick animals. That would be a lie. My interests are more serene and safe. Cricket, reading and making things out of wood - I do get admiring glances at my dining table! I also love grapefruit, a low sun, my big slippers and reading to my girls - well the younger 2 anyhow.

On your day I do love photographing your dress, your shoes and all the beautiful stuff. The biggest fun for me though is spending the day with smiling, happy people. Laughter is great. It makes for brilliant photographs. I even laughed once myself.

 I am relaxed and informal.  I think marriage itself  is very serious and important but all the rest you can have a lot of fun with. If you do I promise you'll get wedding images that you will love.

I'm still shocked that I spend my days wearing a suit.  This is something I vowed at 18 that I would never do.  But its worth it, as this is the best job in the world!