Why I love this photo #4 – Cardiff Wedding Photographer

I love holidays .. who doesn’t? But when I am on holiday I obviously take loads of photos but am probably less bothered and only at certain times do I get the camera out. I have a Fuji Xe2 which I mainly use for holidays and it is much smaller than my canon cameras that I use for weddings and other work. Its a great little camera and is lighter and easier to carry around when I am strolling around in the sun.

Anyway this photo is one of my favourites from our last holiday to Tenerife. Its a shot of Eliza jumping into the pool with her little sister looking on from the pool. It is a shot of perfect timing, perfect framing and perfect subject focus. BUT as you will probably know – these ‘perfect’ elements rely on luck more than anything else and it just happens that all of these things managed to ‘line up’ and create this photo. The photo also pleases me as it has strong colours and the element of movement or action. The main reason of course why I like it is … well its my daughters and we are on holiday and it was warm and, incase I have not said it recently, they are gorgeous!

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