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A few of my favourite photos from 2011… Part 1

Sarah & Matt 218

After a good year so far I want to put my feet up and show you some of my favourite shots from some of my favourite venues. So snuggle up with a glass of port, put another log on the fire, turn off strictly come x-factor for a little look at a few photos that have made me smile this year.

We start with a wedding at the stunning Canada Lakes and Lodge and the wedding of Sarah and Russell. I love this image and use it for advertising because you can see the absolute love in the kiss….. it also helps that the location is pretty good too!

The couple had a scorching day and were so relaxed that with the help of the venue we got many gorgeous shots including the one below which again shows the happiness of the two of them and with the help of me getting a damp suit we got this photo.

In early April i had the pleasure of spending the day on the outskirts of Brecon with Ffion and Spencer as they got married at the beautiful and superbly relaxed Penpont Estate. The day, again, was glorious and as we took the shots of the two of them I can remember having great fun and so did they. The photos below make me smile, as much because I had a good time, as they are lovely photos.

This first dance shot was used as an end shot to their square coffee table album – which they loved.

In June my wife and I (a phrase not to be missed by any newly married groom in his speech!) travelled to Pembrokeshire for the wedding of Sarah and Matthew at St Mary’s Church in Pembroke. I have blogged about this wedding already but it remains a favourite because we had a great time and it was a joy to spend the day in a beautiful part of the world with lovely people. The first picture is soooo gorgeous that it has to be include and the second picture was taken by my wife and she was chuffed that they used it for their thank you cards. This is why having a second photographer is always recommended.



When Gemma contacted me back in 2009 (with my wife newly pregnant) I thought that 2011 was a very long way off. It was not and with our daughter then 17 months I headed off to St Peters Church in Ton Pentre and found one of the most beautiful churches I had ever seen. The day was lovely and again the couple were exceedingly relaxed and happy. The photos below are just 2 of many gorgeous ones from the day. Gemma and her husband Jamie chose our A3 Deluxe art book and were delighted with the stunning album they received. A version of this in A4 size with metallic cover can be seen amongst our sample albums. The second picture is shown in the album as a double page spread – looks fantastic!

And finally, for now, a few pictures from a wedding we attended as guests and not photographers!! We were offered and decided that we were going to just relax and enjoy the wedding of our good friend Stephen and his bride Samantha. My wife has been friends with Stephen since they were both children and is constantly amused by the fact that he appears as a judge and mentor on the Sky 1 programme – Showboaters. Anyhow I took the camera mainly to photograph my family and actually have very few of the happy couple – sorry Stephen! I took the photo below after a few beers (how lovely they were too!) and as a token gesture and to prove that we were there!

The last picture was taken from the morning after the night before and I could not resist including it. Our daughter looks so gorgeous and angelic with her headband on and it is rare for her to be so still for so long – but then she had a late night (for her) on the dance floor!

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