wedding Faq's

How much do you charge?


The standard pricing is shown on the ‘weddings page'. If you wan t something different then just get in touch but most couples stick with the main pricing structure.


What happens if it rains? (the main question as I mainly photograph in Wales!)


As I hit 350 weddings photographed I can honestly say that we have never had to limit ourselves to staying indoors. We have always managed to get out for some shots when the monsoon dies down to a light drizzle. We may need to grab an umbrella or use some cover but sometimes we can just go for it and shoot quickly and embrace the rain! We will also try to do some shots inside if there is a suitable spot. The group shots will be done inside as well but we may need to do smaller groups if space is tight.


What happens if you are ill?


Although it’s not happened yet I have had to have backups in place when my wife was about to give birth to our youngest daughter so I do have friends! I am also part of a big Welsh wedding photographer’s network that could help me out if the worst was to happen.


How long after the wedding will I receive my photos? – I can’t wait to see them!


In most situations it will be around 2 weeks and certainly no longer than 3. I want you to see them ideally after you arrive back from your honeymoon so you don’t feel so bad about being back in the real world.


How will we receive our images?


You will get high-resolution images on a USB stick alongside the smaller social media images. They come in a lovely presentation box with a few prints to show off, put on the fridge or frame for the mantelpiece. You will also have a password protected online gallery for friends and family to view your photos and maybe purchase some for themselves.


How many photos will we receive?


It does depend on the day but generally, I will give anywhere between 500 and 700 photos. These will be a combination of colour and black and white photos and I hope you will love them all. I try to make sure that each photo is relatively unique so will not give you the same photo in both colour and black and white unless I feel they are both really worth having!


How long will you be there?


I am generally with the bride for some preparation shots and then leave for the day about 20 minutes after the first dance – so I can capture your guests getting their groove on! Although I can be there for less time if you don’t want me hanging around until first dance. It’s your day so just let me know what you would like.


What will you photograph on the day?


Have a look through my recent wedding section and you will see lots of examples of a whole days worth of shots. I love photos of people and particularly people enjoying themselves. This is what I tend to focus in on but that doesn't mean I won't get plenty of shots of your dress, details, rooms decorations and loads of other stuff. What I aim for is to get a great record of your whole day as you remember it, but I also do my best to capture parts of the day that you might not get to see - like shots of children playing or ushers messing about whilst you are off chatting! These are often the bride and grooms favourite photos.


What is your style?


You can flick through the website to get an idea but I try not to categorise what I do because it’s more of a combination of a few styles. Some of it is documentary, some classical, some vintage, some natural, some fun (but not forced fun) and all will be gorgeous!


How long will you need for couple shots and group shots?


you will have a ball on the day and that is what I want to capture. Of course, you will probably want some group shots and shots of the two of you and I will do these as quickly as possible for all our sanity. I will also try to make them relaxing and fun for you both so that you enjoy even the elements that some people dread!


Do you edit the photos and can I have some in black and white?


I would never send out my photos unedited and every single one will be looked at, edited and checked so that you will love it. When editing your photos I will put some into black and white so that you have a nice mixture of the two. There are also times when colour or black and white just works better depending on the time of year and where the photograph is taken.


Can we have the RAW files?


The short answer to this is no. I feel that a large part of my job is to edit your photos so that they are just right. I have expensive editing equipment that I have learned how to use over a number of years and what you receive after the wedding is the culmination of this. I work hard to get the tones and colours of my photo just as I want them and I think this is what you pay me for. This also means I am not a fan of seeing Instagram filters over the top of images with my name attached!


Will you airbrush me to look younger?


No. No. No. The photos I take are natural and aside from the odd stain removal, I do not do any ‘photoshop’ work on them. I will leave the day looking pretty much as you saw it with your eyes … although of course some of the day through MY eyes will be in black and white!


Should I bring wellies or a change of shoes for the shoot?


YES … if you would like to. It’s often more practical and comfortable for the bride (and she is the important one here) and means that we can do the shoot quicker too. Wellies or baseball boots or trainers or pumps are all good things to pack in the car before you leave.


Can we have an album?


Oh yes! Our albums are shown on the ‘albums’ page and can be seen, touched and flicked through when we meet. They are beautiful albums and are made in Italy or London, depending on the type you go for and can accommodate around 100 photos – although you may find it tough to get the numbers down to that!


Can we get a second photographer?


Of course you can. Just let me know and I will employ one of my regular assistants who have photographed alongside me at many weddings. Generally they start with the grooms preparations and leave as you sit down to eat.


How do you dress on the day? will you blend in?


I always wear a suit. Mostly 3 piece without a tie but sometimes I go for a 2 piece if it’s hot. I always get compliments on how smart I look and how I blend in with the guests (and sometimes the ushers) I love wearing a suit and between you and me I secretly think I look good in it too!


Will you need feeding?


I never say ‘no’ to food so it would be fantastic if you want to provide a meal, but not essential – usually, just a main meal is enough as I will have more work to do after the meal. I have no dietary requirements aside from probably loving food a bit too much and not being a fan of turkey or broad beans!


Do you charge for travel / extras?


In the main, I do not charge for travel around South Wales but further afield I charge for overnight stays in a mid-range hotel and some mileage over a 100-mile round trip. It’s never anything more than petrol money and it is not to feed my car sweets habit!


Do you have a backup cameras?


Yes! I have never had to use it but it’s there waiting in my bag poised ready for action if required. I use 2 cameras with different lenses all day so there would always be one camera that could take over immediately if there was a problem.


OK the most important question – if we have a photobooth, will you get in it?


Try stopping me! I love to get some shots for the couple to make you smile and then if there’s time and you are up for it I would love to have a photo taken with you both. Beware I am brilliant at the quick changes between shots!