an incredible eye for capturing couples photos, also moments that you can often miss.

Simon was our wedding photographer last year at the beginning of August. We met Simon at a friends wedding where we were impressed on how he managed to capture such brilliant moments. My wife and I have a background in theatre as Simon does as well and he made us feel totally at ease, asking us what we would like from him and running us through the day from start to finish. On the day, he was the perfect gentleman. Politely ushering myself, my wife and our family and friends throughout the day, standing back from the action so nobody felt like they were being pressured. What really stands out for me are two things. Firstly, he has an incredible eye for capturing not only the posed couples photos, but also moments that as the happy couple caught up in the whirlwind of the day, you can often miss. We had photos of everyone who was at the wedding, laughing, smiling, crying, sharing moments with family and friends. His shots really do speak for themselves. Secondly, he managed to create beautiful moments that fit my wife and I perfectly on our own couples shoot. Trust me when I say, if Simon has seen something he wants to capture and asks for another moment of your time for more photos, do it. I promise you wont regret it. He is charming, attentive and altogether a great bloke!