Why I love these photos # 6

I am a Cardiff Photographer but very rarely have any nice photos of me. There are certainly very few that are not selfies and not with either my children or of a bride and groom that I happen to grab and make do these silly photo on my phone (obviously they are willing participants!) So when I have a photograph taken that I really love I tend to be quite happy. My wife and children are photographed endlessly and we have a housefull of prints (unframed) that I really like of the kids and loads of Emma too. I am pretty sure that I am not the only photographer who feels like this. Whether you are a professional (I think that would include me!!) or an amatuer or somewhere in between then it is rare to be photographed on anything other than your phone.

I have had photos taken by my second shooters whilst I have been working but I tend to be standing funny or pulling a massive gib .. I also have had photographs taken by my good friend Aled Garfield of the family and myself but never anything of just me or me and Emma. We were married 10 years ago and I have changed a bit since then. I now feel I look better and less chunky (wishful thinking) but I also am not wearing the awful suit that I wore on my wedding day.

So the following few photos were taken at a wedding that I attended as a guest (the blog on that is here) and I took along my trusty family camera the Fuji xe2 – which as I write this is being upgraded for a slightly newer model of fuji. The day was glorious and my cousin Kate and her new husband Mark had chosen the rather stunning and rustic Stonebarn in Gloucestershire. It was a bit of a schlep to get there from Cardiff (via a pick up of family) but it was really worth it. Wow. I would love to shoot there very soon. I have shot at their sister venue Cripps Barn and they are both really lush.

I took many photos during the day (although this cardiff photographer was happy just to enjoy the day)  but when the meal was done and the bride and groom had finally finished their shoot in the rapeseed field (selfish of them imo) I headed over there with Emma and we took a few photos using firstly a fence post and stone as a tripod and level and then Emma snapped 1 of me whilst … like I always do got loads of shots of Emma. I was really pleased with the result and to get a photo of me looking cool and not slightly moronic is brilliant!

More photos of me and the day can be seen here.

Stonebarn weddingStone barn wedding venue

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