Looking back at a really challenging shoot! – Cardiff Photographer

There are some photo shoots that I undertake and have control over and know the results I will get … there are others that I have no control and even whilst doing it no clue how they will turn out. This shoot for Hijinx and Punchdrunk theatre was definitely the latter. It took place in June underneath a shopping arcade in Cardiff and as you can tell from the photographs there was not a lot of light! The lighting was dark and moody and the design by Ceri James was very textured and atmospheric BUT this does not always translate to the camera and it took some very good equipment and a lot of sweat to get the photos you see below. The main problem was that cameras, however good they are, do not focus well in low light and if nothing else they need to be in focus!! The other problem was that any drama production has movement, often quick and as well as being in focus it’s about trying to catch the emotion of the scene. I managed to get around these issues with good lenses, cameras – which cost thousands and a torch – which cost about £3 …. Its amazing sometimes how the low-tech approach is the best approach.

The show was fantastic too – but I barely registered most of it as I was too busy concentrating and sweating to get the shots I think it needed to show off the atmosphere and darkness of the piece as well as the story and actors skills. It was certainly not an easy one and that’s probably why I loved the results too – which were enhanced further by some editing to give a style that definitely suited the style of the show.



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